What is the best anti-theft device for cars in India?

Best Anti Theft Device for Car in India

A vehicle was stolen every 13 minutes in Delhi and around 4% of these cars are recovered. These are the statistics for Capital, what about the Country. (Source: The Times Of India).

Motor Vehicle Theft Rate in India is growing at an average annual rate of 6.90%. Vehicle theft can be prevented by Immobilizers, Gear Locks, Ignition Cut Off, Car Alarms, Tyre Locks, Steering Locks and Anti Theft Devices.

Though most of the car models in India do come up with Immobilizer, ( a feature in which fuel/ignition is stopped making sure that the car cannot be run on starting) – still the number of cars stolen are on rise .

Puma – The Vehicle Guard introduced by BlackBox GPS Technologies –> As the name suggests, Puma – The Vehicle Guard is Number 1 Anti Theft Tracking Device for Car in India with unique Anti-Theft Calling Alert feature to protect your car from even slightest theft attempt.

Why Puma - The Vehicle Guard?

Manufacturing of GPS Trackers
Own Manufacturing
Anti Theft Calling Alert
Unique Anti-Theft Calling Alert
Warranty Of GPS Trackers
2 Years of Warranty
Tyre Theft Calling Alert
Unique Tyre Theft Calling Alert
Research and Development
In-House Research & Development
Service and Support
Service & Support

Most of the theft attempt happens late in the night. In case of Car theft, tyre theft or towing attempt, you will receive a call directly from the Puma Device itself at regular interval of time. SMS alerts and notifications can be missed or left unattended or may be when noticed your vehicle can be out of your reach.

In case of Anti-Theft Calling Alert, if you missed the call, the Puma Device will keep calling you until and unless you notice. In case of vehicle theft, you can call the helpline numbers and immobilize your vehicle.

Puma - The Vehicle Guard Special Features

1. Live Location Tracking

2. Anti Theft Calling Alert

3. AC On/Off Status

4. Tyre Theft Calling Alert

5. Geo-Fencing

6. Vehicle Immobilization

7. Door Open Alert

8. Towing Call Alert

9. Panic Button

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