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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, PumaGuard is the easiest way to track a vehicle. It takes only 20 minutes to install the device in a vehicle.

No, there is no additional fee for activation.

Yes, you can download the PumaGuard Mobile app for free. It is available for Android and IOS devices.

Puma devices are offered with battery backup to protect your vehicle from theft.

It depends on the Puma device used. Minimum battery back up is 6 hours.

This device is designed to work all over the globe. If you need to track a vehicle or asset in another country, we recommend contacting us.

We do offer group discounts. Please call at +91 96155 79999 for more information.

The monthly fee covers cellular service & software cost which allows your GPS tracker to communicate its location back to you.

Everything that your device needs to communicate is provided through your service plan.

You can program the device to send text message alerts and notifications if desired.

The GPS tracker will generally be programmed to notify users of movement, Anti-theft alerts, Ignition On/Off, Door Open alert, Panic report, Battery disconnected, Daily location, Vehicle Immobilization, crossing a predetermined boundary, or geofence.

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